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Message from Dave Spenny - 

Hope y'all are OK under this onslaught of rain in Southern Louisiana. Hopefully all your members are keeping safe.

Not sure if it is necessary or if anyone might need some assistance, but just wanted to remind you about the Lone Palm Foundation and the Parrot Head Emergency Phund and its


The purpose of the Emergency Phund is to aid Parrot Heads with financial assistance during difficulties resulting from a natural disaster. The Phund is maintained by the Board of Directors on the Lone Palm Foundation and applications will be reviewed by this board. Assistance approval is based on Board review and availability of funds."

You can go to Lone Palm Foundation and read about the guidelines for the Foundation and the Phund. 

Hope y'all dry out soon.  Take care.


Zoosiana Sign for the Toucans

Zoosiana Sign


FoodNet Pantry

So far, for 2016, we have donated almost 180 pounds of food!!!  The last donation made on 30Sept was 80 pounds, which we collected over 3 months.  With the holiday season coming up quickly, I think it would be great if we could collect and donate 100 pounds by 9 Dec2016.  I'm asking everyone to grab 3 or 4 canned goods for donation each Phlocking and each volunteering event.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Sept 7/17 Acadiana Parrothead Club donated $200.00 to Hurricane HarveyDisaster Relief for our SE Texas Club.