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A word from Jim- 

If you enjoyed Stars, I would like to point out that there are other great Parrot Head events around us at different times of the year.  Mud Bug Ball (Houston) in Apri/May, Sharkstock in LIttle Rock in May/June, Pelican Coast DAZE (Lake Charles) in June, Riddles in the Sand (Galveston) in July, Six String Music (New Orleans) in August and I believe Pirate's Ball (Austin) is August 17th.  Of course, the big blow out for all of the Parrot Head nation is Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) in Key West in November!

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Fins Up Parrot Heads! The phun is just beginning!



4/11/17 Executive Board Meeting

5/05/17 Downtown Alive

6/22/17 Gulf Brew Fest

8/02/17 Phlocking:Trivia @ Barrels of Broussard

8/30/17 Full Club Meeting

9/13/17 Phlocking:Trivial Pursuit @ Barrels of Broussard

10/11/17 Phlocking:Trivial Pursuit @ Barrles of Broussard

10/14/17 Festival Acadiens et Creoles (3:30 - 6:30) @ Cajun Cabana

11/8/17 Phlocking: Trivial Pursuit @ Barrels of Broussard

11/10/17 Downtown Alive: Beertending (5:30 - 8:30)

2/28/18 Full Club Meeting

3/15/18 Stars Fell On Alabama. Four members attended and the club donated a $45 gift basket.

3/20/18 Phlocking: Trivial Pursuit @ Growler USA of Youngsville

4/13/18 Downtown Alive: Ten members volunteered to sell beverages for a total of 35.5 service hours.

5/30/18 Phlocking at Bentley's Beach Bar.

7/13/18 Phlocking at the Cater's. Watched Jimmy Buffet live at Wrigley Field.

7/21/18 Phlocking at Bentley's Beach Bar. Watched RPM play live Jimmy Buffett tunes.

9/21/18 Downtown Alive: Seven members volunteered to sell beverages for a total of 21 service hours.

10/13/18 Festival Acadiens: Six members volunteered to sell cocktails for a total of 18 service hours.


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